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You can add community members from an external file to your current tag list, from the Tag List window.

Before you start, prepare a spreadsheet or file containing the Synergetic IDs of the community members you want to add to the current tag list.

Tip: You can export community members from Synergetic then update the spreadsheet. See Exporting information to Microsoft Excel in the Synergetic Introduction manual.

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  1. Select Tags (thumbs down) from the SynWeb main menu.

    The Tag List window is displayed.
  2. Delete all community members from the tag list, if needed. To do this:

    • click 
    • click .

  3. Click .
    The Import ID window is displayed.
  4. Switch to the spreadsheet.
  5. Select the Synergetic IDs that you want to import.
  6. Copy the Synergetic IDs to your clipboard.

    Tip: In Windows, press Ctrl and c

  7. Switch back to the Import ID window of SynWeb.
  8. Click in the field.
  9. Paste the Synergetic IDs from your clipboard into the field.

    In Windows, press Ctrl and v.

  10. Click .
    Community members with valid Synergetic IDs are added to the tag list and the count on the Tags (thumbs down) menu option is updated.