Import_Export Student Data - AEDC

Australian schools can complete the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) every three years to report on childhood development at their organisation.

The decision to participate in the survey is made by Schools. This topic provides instructions for running a SQL script that will export student and parent data used in the pre-population step of the data submission.

To export AEDC data:

  1.  Download the appropriate SQL file for your version of Synergetic from the Hotfix page. See AEDC Hotfix page.

  2. Open the relevant file in SQL Server Management Studio.
    The AEDC2021_DataExtract.sql file is displayed.
  3. Update the fields highlighted below.


    • @RunDate field with the date you want to run as at.

    Note: The date must be entered in the format 'd mmm yyyy' (e.g. 1 Apr 2021).

    • @YearLevel field of the year level to be exported.

  4. Click .
    The results of the query are displayed in the Results tab.
  5. Copy the data into the AEDC template.
  6. Submit to the AEDC as per their instructions.