Modifying student class details (past students)

To modify key information about the class being taken by a student:

  1. Select the class you want to modify in the grid on the Class tab of Course Details Maintenance. See Course Details Maintenance - Classes tab.
  2. Click .
    The Modify Student Class Details window is displayed.

Modify Student Class Details window key fields




Class status.

This field is used primarily for charging debtor accounts.

Assessable Class

Clear if this class is not being assessed.

The student is not displayed in Results Maintenance if this field is not selected.

Start Date

Date the student commenced the class.

Stop Date

Date the student withdrew, if applicable.

Default Units

Default number of units in the class for the term, if the class is charged.

Total Units

Actual number of units undertaken by the student in the class for the term, if the class is charged. Class charges are set in Debtor Maintenance for this year and term/semester.


Adjustments to the number of units to take into account missed classes. For example, a music class may have a number of classes per term (Default Unit) but due to absences, public holidays or other events, some may not have been attended. See Making adjustments for students not attending classes in the Debtors manual.

Focus Area

Specific topic of the class for the selected student. For example, for a music class the focus area could be Violin.

See luStudentClassFocusArea lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Progressive Results Copied From Prior Term

For progressive learning classes, this field is automatically selected after the Create Term Results program has been run. There is no need to clear this selection unless you need to copy the results in again.


Course that the class is part of.


Additional comments about the student or their requirements. For example, the student may have special needs for the class.

PTI Request

Status of the request for a parent teacher interview. This field details whether an interview is required, requested, not available or not required.