What's new to the Introduction

Version 71.04

This section outlines changes to the Introduction manual arising from changes made to Synergetic (versions 70.21-71.01).


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New debtor email merge fields for emails and SMSs.

The following debtor email merge fields have been added to allow you to personalise debtor emails:

  • DebtorIDFull: populates the Debtor ID
  • TotalOwing: total amount owing
  • CurrentBalance current balance including charges the debtor has not been notified about (e.g. upcoming payment plan charges)
  • BPAYReference: BPAYReference number.

Tip: You can quickly create an email or SMS for all debtors by right-clicking the Debtor Selector and selecting Email All Records or SMS All Records. See Sending emails from a grid.

Note: Currently, this functionality does not support sub-ledger accounts for debtors with multiple accounts. That is, sending an email or SMS to the sub-ledger account populates the details of the main debtor account.

Using the Send Email(s) window

Using merge fields in emails and SMS messages