Booking accommodation with a student's contact (Current students)

To book accommodation with a student's contact:

  1. Open the Contacts sub-tab of the Accommodation tab of Current Student Maintenance. See Current Student Maintenance - Accommodation tab - Contacts sub-tab.
  2. Click , if the contact's object is not listed. See Linking contacts that a student could stay with (Current students).
  3. Click .
    The Object Booking window is displayed.

    Select the Process Overdue Charge Flag to add charges for overdue loans or Process Overdue Reversal Flag to reverse any incorrectly charged fees.

    The labels for Semester can be Term, Report No or Half-Term based on your setup. See Student File Semester Maintenance - File Semester tab in the Curriculum manual.

  4. Complete the date range of the accommodation.
  5. Select the Status Code from the drop-down list.
  6. Update the Status Date field, if required.
  7. Update any other relevant fields.
  8. Click .
    The booking is saved.