Course Details Maintenance - Enrolment tab (Current students)

Use the Enrolment tab to:

  • maintain the student's enrolment details for a course, including:
  • any prior courses
  • date the course was completed and whether a certificate was issued
  • status of the course at a given date, along with any details.
  • view their course status history.


 Opening the Enrolment tab

To open the Enrolment tab:

  1. Select Module > Students > Current Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Current Student Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the current student functions by clicking .
  2. Search for the student. See Searching for existing students in the Current students manual.
  3. Click the Courses tab.
    The Courses tab of the Current Student Maintenance window is displayed.
  4. Select the course to maintain.
  5. Click .
    The Enrolment tab of the Course Details Maintenance window is displayed.

Course Details Maintenance - Enrolment tab key fields and buttons
Status area fields



Course Status

Specify the status of the student's attendance on the course. For example, the course may be marked cancelled or completed.

Note: A status of Finalised is required before payment can be authorised to an agent for the student's enrolment in a course. In some organisations, agents get paid a commission for organising students to enrol in courses. For example, overseas students may be enrolled in one or more of your courses.

See Maintaining course agents in the Curriculum manual. Also see luStudentCourseStatus lookup table in the System maintenance manual.


Date the status was updated.


Additional comments. For example, a cancelled course may be credited to another course or refunded to the student.

Status area buttons



Display changes made to the status details for the student's course.

Enrolment Details area fields



Enquiry Date

Date the student enquired about the course.

Application Date

Date the student applied for the course.

Prior Course

Prior course taken by the student.

Date Enrolled

Date the student enrolled in the course.

Date Completed

Date that the course was completed.

Certificate Issued

Select the field if a certificate was issued to the student for satisfactorily completing the course.

Common buttons



Launch into Course Maintenance for the current course. See Maintaining courses in the Curriculum manual.