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  1. Select Module > System > Lookup Tables Maintenance. See Lookup Table Maintenance window.
    The Lookup Table Maintenance window is displayed showing all of the available lookup tables.
  2. Highlight the lookup table you want to load default values for.
  3. Click.
    The Load Lookup Table data from CDA Ref table window is displayed.

    Note: A message is displayed if the highlighted table does not have a matching reference table.

  4. Select the External System Type from the drop-down list.

    Choose the CEOVIC option, if your organisation is a Victorian Catholic school. The Catholic Education Office collates all of the data, including for MCEECDYA. 

  5. Click .
    The following confirmation message is displayed.
  6. Click .
    The following information message is displayed.
  7. Click .
    The lookup table is displayed with the new records loaded.
  8. Review the lookup table entries to ensure the information has been loaded correctly.

    Important: Data is not loaded when the details of an existing row match the corresponding row from the loaded data. When this happens you need to delete the row and reload the data.

    Tip: You can identify rows that prevented data being loaded because these rows will have blank ExternalSystemType and ExternalSystemCode fields.