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Use the Tasks tab to view and maintain maintenance tasks for an object.

Generally, object related tasks are created and edited in the Object Tasks Maintenance window. See Maintaining object tasks.


Object Maintenance - Tasks tab key fields and buttons



Include Closed Tasks

Displays both current and closed tasks for the object.


Date that the task was created.


Short description of the task.


Priority level to which this task is assigned.
For example, Level 1 is top priority, followed by Level 2, Level 3 and so on.


Severity rating of the problem.
For example, a task of repairing cracks in the ceiling can be given a severity rating of 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. This indicates that the cracking is only moderate in severity.


Current status of the task.
For example, New, In progress, Completed.


Sequence number of the task. This is a unique identifying number for the task.

Initiated By

Name of the person who created the task.

Initiated ID

ID number of the person who created the task.

Allocated To ID

ID number of the person who has been allocated the task. See Allocating object tasks.

Grid area buttons



Launch the Maintain Object Task window to create a new task associated with the object. See Creating new object tasks.

Launch the Maintain Object Task window to view or update the details of the selected tasks.
See Maintaining object tasks.

Common buttons



Add a new object. See Creating new objects.

Delete the highlighted object.

Find an object. See Searching for objects.

Undo the last changes made in an object details field.

Move to the first, previous, next or last object of those currently displayed in the object tree.

Apply the changes to the object.

Close the window.