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Use the Accommodation tab to view and edit the details that have been recorded for an accommodation object. These can be:


Object Maintenance - Accommodation tab key fields and buttons



Linked to ID

The Synergetic ID to link this accommodation record to. You can use the Find button if you do not know the person's ID.

Note: Only staff members with a category of Teacher can be linked to accommodation objects. See Staff Maintenance - School tab in the Human resources manual.

Accommodation Type

Select the type of accommodation from the drop-down list. For example:

  • dormitory
  • homestay or personal residence.

Room Type

Select the type of room from the drop-down list.

Phone Extension

Phone extension or phone number for the accommodation object.

This can be used to manage billing via a PABX system. See Maintaining PABX setup data in the Finance manual.


The number of people the accommodation object can hold.


The distance in kilometres of the accommodation from your organisation.


A free form text field where you can note the guest facilities the accommodation has.


Select from the drop-down list if the accommodation is for people of a specific religious background.

Available From / To

Availability dates.


Select the current status of the accommodation from the drop-down list.


Select the rating of the accommodation.

Approval Date

The date the accommodation was approved for use by your organisation.

Approved for Under 18

Select if the accommodation can be used by students under 18 years.

Approved for Females

Select if the accommodation can be used by females.

Approved by Welfare

Select if the accommodation has been approved by a welfare agency.

Meals Available

Select if the accommodation provides meals.

Permission to Check

Select if your organisation has permission from the accommodation provider to check the accommodation facilities.


Free form comments containing any other useful information about the accommodation.

Grid area buttons



Find a Synergetic ID in the community database to link this accommodation record to.

Launch into Community Maintenance for the selected ID.

Common buttons



Add a new object. See Creating new objects.

Delete the highlighted object.

Find an object. See Searching for objects.

Undo the last changes made in an object details field.

Move to the first, previous, next or last object of those currently displayed in the object tree.

Apply the changes to the object.

Close the window.