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The Object Maintenance window allows you to:


Tip: Select the object tree, right click and select Set as root on your top level item of relevance. For example, Library for library staff. If you no longer want to use this object as the top of the tree, right click and select Revert to Main Root.

Object Maintenance window key fields and buttons




Auto Expand

Select to expand each section in the object tree hierarchy when you use the navigation buttons or shortcut keys to navigate through the object tree hierarchy.
If not selected, click on the plus (+) sign next to each parent object to view its related objects.


Select to prevent the objects from being moved in the navigation pane.
Clear if you need to move objects within the hierarchy.

Active Only

Clear to display both active and inactive objects.

Grid Mode

Select to display the objects in the left-hand pane in a grid style, instead of the default tree hierarchy style.
Grid display:

Hierarchical tree display:




Add a new object. See Creating new objects.

Delete the selected object.
The following window is displayed.

To confirm the deletion:

  1. Type delete.
  2. Click .
    Tip: You do not need to worry about typing uppercase characters.

Find an object. See Searching for objects.

Undo the last changes made in an object details field.

Active only when Grid Mode is selected. Filter displays the Object Search window to allow you to choose to only display objects fitting certain criteria that you select. For example, you can choose to only display computer objects.

Move to the first object.

Move to the previous object.

Move to the next object.

Move to the last object.