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If your organisation has multiple campuses, each campus that submits a DEEWR STATS export must be identified by a unique MCEETYASchoolCode.

Note: If you only have one campus submitting DEEWR exports a STATS export or do not want to differentiate your exports per campus, you can leave this field as zero or blank. The DEEWR STATS export then uses the MCEETYA:SchoolCode configuration setting. See Configuring SchoolCode for DEEWR export.

To configure the MCEETYASchoolCode for a campus:

  1. Select Module > System > Lookup Tables Maintenance from the Synergetic main menu.
    The Lookup Tables Maintenance window is displayed. See Maintaining lookup tables in the System maintenance manual.
  2. Find the luCampus lookup table. See luCampus lookup table.
  3. Type a unique number for each required campus in the MCEETYASchoolCode field.
  4. Click .