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To configure Online application portal Action Centre notifications: 

  1. Open Synergetic
  2. Select Module > System > Group/User Security Maintenance from the Synergetic main menu. 
    The Group/User Security Maintenance window is displayed. See Group/User Security Maintenance - Groups View in the System maintenance manual. 
  3. Select the group containing the user you would like to grant permissions for from the left grid area. 
  4. Select Action Centre Types from the Resource drop-down list.
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  5. Search for Online.
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    The grid area is updated.
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  6. Select the Subscribe field for either: 

    Online application received (APPL_Online_I) to receive Action Centre messages when Online applications are submitted 
    • Online enquiry received (ENQ_Online_I) to receive an Action Centre messages when Online enquiries are submitted 
    • Online application has received a new document (APPL_Online_Document_I) to receive an Action Centre message when documents are added to Online applications.
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 to subscribe additional groups to Online application portal Action Centre messages. 
  8. Click Image Added.
  9. Close the Group/User Security Maintenance window.
  10. Select File > Reload Configuration Settings from the Synergetic main menu.
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