Events Maintenance - Organisers_Staff bar

You can use the Organisers/Staff tab to maintain the people organising the event and the key staff involved.
An organiser need not be set up as a community member in Synergetic.

 Opening the Organisers/Staff bar

To open the Organisers/Staff bar:

  1. Select Develop > Events Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Set Events Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the event. See Searching for events.
  3. Click the Organisers/Staff bar.

     You can click anywhere on a navigation bar other than the caption to open it.

    The Organisers/Staff bar of Events Maintenance is displayed.

Events Maintenance - Organisers/Staff bar key fields




People organising the event.
Optional, if staff are organising the event.


Select from the drop-down list of active staff members.

: Existing events will display staff members that were active at the time of the event.

Important: You must have a staff member selected in the Staff 1 field when creating public events because attendees are added as guests of this staff member on the Attendee Guests sub-tab. See Events Maintenance - Current Attendees bar - Attendee Guests sub-tab.