Publishing forms

You can complete the form creation process by publishing your form.

Once you have published your form you can update the details of the form and republish the form. See Republishing forms.

Note: You will see an error message if the form cannot be published. See Resolving publishing errors.

To publish a form:

  1. Click .
    The Publish window is displayed.
  2. Select the first day the form is displayed online using the Published From field.
  3. Select the last day the form is displayed online using the Published Until field.
  4. Type the URL for the form into the Publish to URL (folder) field.

    Note: Update the URL of the Online application portal using the OnlineApplicationsPortal:URL configuration setting. See OnlineApplicationsPortal_URL configuration setting.

  5. Click .
    The Publish window is updated.

  6. Publish the form by clicking either:

    • Adding a quick link to the Application portal. See Adding quick links to online forms.
    • Emailing the publish link to users. See Sending emails and SMS messages from grids in the Introduction manual.

    Tip: You can click  to view the published form.

    Note: The following error is displayed if a user tries to open a form not yet published or one that has been unpublished. See Unpublishing forms.