Using task templates

Templates are useful for tasks that are repeated regularly, or have many sub-tasks.

In Synergetic you can use templates to:

  • pre-set task fields to default settings that suit your organisation
  • ensure a particular task is always sent to a specific staff member
  • ensure a complex task is completed fully
  • create small templates of common sub-tasks that can be combined with other tasks.

See Using task templates in the Synergetic Introduction manual.

In SynWeb you can:

  • create templates from current tasks
  • create tasks from templates.

Creating a template from a current task

To create a template from a current task:

  1. Open the Task List window. See Managing tasks.
  2. Click  for the task that you want to make into a template.

    A confirmation dialog is displayed.
  3. Click .
    The Save Task as Template window is displayed.
  4. Edit the Template Name, if required.

    Note: This description identifies the template.

  5. Select Link to Module to link a maintenance module to the template, if required.
  6. Clear the Always Allocate To field if this task is not always allocated to you.

    The Allocate To ID field can be changed when the template is used. If many different people will have this task allocated to them, keep this field selected.

  7. Click  to allocate a different community member to the task, if necessary.
  8. Edit the Estimated Duration.
  9. Select a Template Availability field.

    • Private - only viewed by the originator
    • Public - all users can see the template.

  10. Click .
    The task is saved as a template and displayed when the Show Templates field is selected.

Creating a task from a template

To create a task from a template:

  1. Open the Task List window. See Managing tasks.
  2. Click .
    The New Task From Template window is displayed.
  3. Select a template.
  4. Click .