Using the Add_Edit Tasks window

Use the Add/Edit Tasks window to:

  • add new tasks and sub-tasks for the selected task
  • maintain existing tasks and sub-tasks.

How to:

 Opening the Add/Edit Tasks window

To open the Add/Edit Tasks window:

  1. Select System > Task Maintenance.
    The Task List window is displayed.
  2. Click  next to an existing task.
    The Description tab of the Add/Edit Tasks window is displayed.

Add/Edit Tasks window key fields and buttons

Task details area fields




Brief task description.


Status of the task.

Linked To

Select a maintenance module from the drop-down menu to link the task to a maintenance record. Click the launch link to open the maintenance module.

Note: The maintenance modules displayed will depend on your security permissions. Contact your IT administrator.

Allocated To

Community member allocated to the task. Click the launch link to open Community Maintenance.

Note: This defaults to the community member who created the task. Use the button to allocate a different community member.

Task Details area buttons



Launch the Customise Workflow Display window to display additional information next to task names in the tree view.

Launch the Link To window of the selected maintenance module to link a record to the task.

Remove the link to the displayed maintenance record.

Launch the Reallocate Task window to reallocate the task to a different community member.

Launch the New Task From Template window. The task can be created either:

  • from a template listed in the grid area
  • without using a template.

Launch the New Subtask From Template window. The sub-task can be created either:

  • from a template listed in the grid area
  • without using a template.

Move the selected task up or down the task tree.

Delete the selected task.