Creating co-curricular terms, semesters and reporting periods

You can create co-curricular terms, semesters and reporting periods to manage programs with dates that do not follow typical academic term or semester dates. For example, the winter sports season in the following configuration overlaps multiple academic file semesters.

To create co-curricular terms, semesters and reporting periods:

  1. Login to the Synergetic Windows client with administrator rights.
  2. Select Module > Students > File Semester Maintenance from the Synergetic main menu. See the Student File Semester Maintenance - File Semester tab in the Synergetic Curriculum manual.
    The File Semester tab of the Student File Semester Maintenance window is displayed.

    File Semester Maintenance may be named differently at your organisation. For example, File Term Maintenance.
  3. Change the Number of Terms Per Year field to display the required number of reporting periods.

    This number depends on the number of co-curricular programs and the number of terms within each program. For instance, an organisation with a sports program might have six terms to cater for four academic terms plus winter and summer sport terms.

    Important Note: Changing this field has a big impact on the system including academic reporting periods.
  4. Click .
  5. Type the current Year.
  6. Type the term number in the Semester field.

    The first four terms are academic terms. Term 5 is the first co-curricular term.
  7. Type the Actual Sem.

    Enter 1 if there is only one season in the co-curricular program. If there are multiple seasons, number each season sequentially based on the Start Date and End Date of each season.
  8. Type a Start Date.
  9. Type an End Date.
  10. Type a Description. For example, Summer 2014.
  11. Click .
  12. Click . See Maintaining cycles.
    The Cycle Maintenance window is displayed.
  13. Select Date in the Season Type field.
  14. Select the Season Active field.

    This field must be selected.
  15. Click the File Types tab.
  16. Select the Allow in Semester field for the file type linked to the co-curricular term.
  17. Update other Cycle tabs, as needed. See Maintaining cycles.
  18. Click .
  19. Repeat steps 4 through 18 to add additional co-curricular terms.
  20. Run the Create Next Term Details program to activate the co-curricular terms. See Creating next term details (Next Year Process) in the Synergetic Next Year Process manual.