Class Maintenance - Charges bar

Use the Charges bar to maintain charges associated with the class, if any. For example, co-curricular classes such as individual music lessons can be charged for.

 Opening the Charges bar

To open the Charges bar:

  1. Select Curriculum > Class Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Class Maintenance Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the class. See Searching for classes.
  3. Scroll down to the Charges bar, if required.
  4. Click the Charges bar.

    : You can click anywhere on the bar to open it.

    The Charges bar of the Class Maintenance window is expanded.

Class Maintenance - Charges bar key fields and buttons




Default Units Per Term

Default number of units this class has per semester, for billing purposes.

Debtor Fee Code

Fee code associated with this class.

Pay Code

Pay code for the class, for scheduled timesheet purposes.

Event Active

If selected, payments are made to the staff member.

Event Group

If selected, staff member is paid per occurrence rather than per student.
For example, if the staff member is teaching the orchestra, they are paid for taking the session, not for each student in the orchestra.

Charges area buttons



Click to enable editing of the fields.

Click to update changes made to the fields.

Click to cancel changes made to the fields.

Common buttons



Navigate between the selected classes.

Delete the selected class, if no students are taking the class. See Deleting classes.

Launch the Create New Class window to add a new class to the database. See Creating new classes.

Display the Class Maintenance Search Criteria window.

You can update the search criteria and search for new classes. See Searching for classes.

Launch the Customise Tab Layout window. See Customising navigation bars in the Introduction manual.

Create a new task relating to the current class. See Managing tasks in the Introduction manual.