Process STP window

Australian organisations can use the Process STP window to process STP event submissions by completing the following sequential steps:

You can also use the Process STP window to:

 Opening the Process STP window

To open the Process STP window:

  1. Open the Finalise Payroll window. See Finalising payroll.
    The Finalise Payroll window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Process STP window is displayed.

    Note: You can also process Single Touch Payroll events using the STP Maintenance window. See STP Maintenance window.

Process STP window fields and buttons

Information area fields

STP Event TimestampGeneration timestamp of the STP Event.
Pay DateDate the pay was closed off for the STP event.
Payee Record CountNumber of employees included in the STP event.
Submission IDID number used to identify the STP event submission.
Total PAYG AmountTotal amount of Pay As You Go Withholding included in the STP event.
Total Gross PaymentsTotal amount of gross payments included in the STP event.
Full File ReplacementWhether the current STP event is a full file replacement. See Sending replacement STP event files.
Declared ByCommunity member responsible for signing the declaration.
Declared DateDate the community member signed the declaration.

Search the generated STP event details.



Generate the STP event file. See Generating STP event files.

View details of the STP event file. See Viewing STP event files.

Approve and submit the STP event file. See Approving and submitting STP event files.

View acknowledgement details of the STP event submission.

Override the submission status when the file transmission times out.

Note: You must contact the ATO for instructions prior to manually overriding the submission status.

Cancel the STP event. See Cancelling STP event processing.

Export STP event generation errors as a text file.

Expand the STP event details.

Collapse the STP event details.

Send the STP event to the ATO. See Approving and submitting STP event files.

View the Pay details section of the STP event.

View the next search result.

Re-attempt submission of an STP event file rejected due to a transmission error.