Overriding Synergetic's stored procedures

You can override some of the stored procedures that the Synergetic database uses for parent teacher interviews if you want to perform some additional actions on the data.

Important Note: Use extreme caution when overriding Synergetic's procedures, as any changes made to Synergetic's stored procedures will not be executed your procedures. Test your custom stored procedures thoroughly after any patch or version update made to Synergetic.

To override Synergetic's stored procedures:

  1. Create your custom procedure using the name of the Synergetic stored procedure you want to override, preceded by a 'u'.
    For example, if you want to override the stored procedure that checks for booking clashes, the Synergetic stored procedure is spgPTInterviewClashCheck. Name your custom stored procedure uspgPTInterviewClashCheck.
  2. Add your stored procedure to your database.
    Synergetic now executes your custom stored procedure in place of the standard one.

Standard Synergetic stored procedures
The following stored procedures can be overridden.

Standard procedure name

Custom procedure name