Maintaining VSR VSN services

The VSR (Victorian Students Registrar) issues the VSN (Victorian Student Number) for Victorian students. The VSR VSN Service runs as a background Windows service to:

  • obtain a VSN for newly enrolled students who do not have one
  • obtain a VSN for Prep students who did not previously require one
  • notify the VSR of changes to a student's:
  • first name
  • last name
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • VSN (stored in the Government Student Number field).
  • notify the VSR when a student leaves your organisation, with a special indicator for unfortunate events such as death.

Note: The VSR VSN Service relies on the student's leaving date, not their status. Students with a leaving date set in the future are not registered as having left until after their leaving date has passed.

Note: The VSR VSN Service only includes students in normal year levels (0 - 12). That is, year levels defined in luYearLevel with an ExternalSystemCode between 0 and 12.

Configuring the VSR/VSN Service

For information about configuring the VSR/VSN Service, see Configuring VSN/VSR services.

Important: Please contain the Synergetic Systems Team to assist in the configuration process. See Contact Synergetic Management Systems

Maintaining the VSR/VSN Service

The VSR VSN Service requires minimal interaction, and can be maintained using configuration settings in the Configuration File Maintenance window. You can view the status of transmissions made by the VSR VSN Service on the VSN tab of the Synergetic Subscriber Status window. See Synergetic Subscriber Status window.

VSR VSN key configuration settings

Configuration setting



Maintain which campuses are included by the service.

IncludeCampus configuration setting


Controls whether or not request batches are sent by the service.

Default value is True.

AllowSendFlag configuration setting


Victorian schools can be assigned a single VSN provider ID (for the whole organisation) or multiple VSN provider IDs (for each campus). This configuration setting is used to set up provider IDs for both configurations.



Email address of the person at your organisation who manages errors in student information. For example, missing birth dates and empty student names.

SysAdminEmail configuration setting

SysAdminEmailFrequencyUsed to determine the number of days between emails sent to notify the person of charge of maintaining student details of an error in the student list.SysAdminEmailFrequency configuration setting
SysAdminEmailImportanceUsed to set the importance of emails sent to notify the person of charge of maintaining student details of an error in the student list.SysAdminEmailImportance configuration setting


Subject line of notification emails sent regarding errors in student information.

SysAdminEmailSubject configuration setting


Password required to access the VSR's web service.

WebServicePassword configuration setting


User ID required to access the VSR's web service.

Note: This is a log in user ID only, and should not be confused with the Provider ID.

WebServiceUserID configuration setting


Universal Resource Location of the VSR web service, if different to the default URL. For example, your organisation connects through a proxy server.

Note: Input in this field overrides the preset URL in the VSR VSN Service. Do not alter this field unless told to do so by Synergetic Management Systems.

Default value is blank.

VSN:URL configuration setting