Installing/Uninstalling RAT

To install the RAT:

  1. Copy the contents of the RAT CD into a shared area on your network.

    Note: This allows you to centrally manage updates to the RAT. Your network administrator needs to create the appropriate shared folder on your network. It could be created as a subfolder of the Synergetic shared directory as Synergetic\RAT.

  2. Log on to the PC running Synergetic, where address changes are made.

    You can only install as many copies of the product as you have purchased licenses. This should correspond to the number of PCs where you physically change addresses in Synergetic.

  3. Locate the shared directory.

    Each user needs write access to the shared network folder before installing or upgrading RAT.

  4. Click on the RAT Setup icon to start the Setup.exe installation program.

    The following window is displayed.
  5. Click .
    The following window is displayed.
  6. Browse for the folder where RAT is to be installed.

    A copy of the PAF is stored locally on each machine that is licensed to use RAT. This is for performance reasons.

  7. Click .
     The following window is displayed.
  8. Select the required Postal Address File.

    If the option for a Postal Address File option is unavailable, it is because you have not purchased a license for that particular address file.You can choose address files for other countries in addition to your own if required.

  9. Select the installation options. Select:
    • Centrally Managed Rollout. This makes it easier to apply updated PAF files to the clients. Whenever a new PAF is installed on the central server, it is automatically updated on the clients. You only need to copy the contents of the updated CD to the same network share. DataTools distribute the new PAF every quarter.
    • Active X EXE.
  10. Click .
    The following window is displayed.
  11. Click .
    By default, the installation process creates an icon on the desktop and a start menu item under DataTools.

UnInstalling RAT

If Rapid Address Tool (RAT) is no longer the Address Validation Tool user for Synergetic then disable the following Config File Settings

Uninstalling RAT from a PC or workstation will leave a rogue Registry setting. This will need to be removed manually.

The User may receive the following error message in Synergetic ( Unable to create OLE connection to RAT:-The Specified Module could not be found, ProgID; "DataTools_DtRat_dt")

The fix is to remove the Registry settings

Result := Reg.KeyExists('SOFTWARE\Classes\DataTools_DtRat.Dt');RAT