Checking spelling in comments for a class (Standalone)

You can check the spelling of comments entered against the:

Synergetic can check the spelling of overall comments entered for all of the students displayed on the Student Results Maintenance window.

Note: Synergetic only checks the overall comments in the Comments field (highlighted at the bottom of the example) by default. Select the AutoSpellCheckInTopicComment configuration setting to spell check the topic comments as well. See AutoSpellCheckInTopicComment configuration setting in the System maintenance manual.

To check the spelling of comments for all of the students:

  1. Open the relevant tab of Student Results Maintenance. See Maintaining student results.
  2. Either:
     click  on the tool bar
     press Ctrl + F7.
    The following window is displayed.
  3. Click 
    The Spelling window is displayed, if there are any spelling errors.
  4. Correct any spelling errors.
  5. Repeat step 4 for each error.
    The following window is displayed.
  6. Click .
    The overall Comments fields are updated with the corrected text.

    Tip: Spell check topic comments as you enter them, as any spelling mistakes may not be picked up during an overall spell check.