Class Maintenance - General tab (Roll returns)

Use the General tab to view or update the general information held about the class.

 Opening the General tab

To open the General tab:

  1. Select Module > Students or Assessments, then Class Maintenance.
    The Set Class Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the class maintenance functions by clicking  or .

  2. Select the required class.
    The General tab of the Class Maintenance window is displayed.

Class Maintenance - General tab key fields and buttons

The fields displayed are used for New Zealand roll returns. For the complete set of field descriptions see Class Maintenance - General tab in the Assessments and reports manual.




Normal Year Level

Usual year level that the subject is taught at.

For NZ MOE roll returns, this field is used for the instructional year level for the subject. See Instructional year level in the Roll returns manual.

Board Studies Code

Code allocated to this class by the Board of Studies or similar organisation. For example: MA081 (Mathematical Methods 1).

For NZ MOE schools, see Subject codes in the Roll returns manual.

Note: Classes without a code are not included when completing roll returns for NZ MOE schools.

Hours in Reporting Period

Hours allocated for this class in the reporting period.

For NZ MOE roll returns, this field indicates the approximate number of hours per year that each subject at secondary school level will be studied for.

For NZ MOE roll returns, these figures are indicative only and do not need to be adjusted for things such as holidays, sports days and so on. It is not necessary to schedule subjects or activities that are timetabled for less than 20 hours per year (that is 2 hours per week for a term).