Using the User_Workflow Task window

Use the User/Workflow Task window to:

  • add new tasks and sub-tasks for the selected task
  • maintain existing tasks and sub-tasks.

How to:

 Opening the User/Workflow Task window

To open the User Task window:

  1. Select Window > Show Task List from the main menu.

    The Task List window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The User Task window is displayed.
  3. To open advanced settings, click the Advanced tab.
    The Advanced tab of the User Task window is displayed.
    Note: Once sub-tasks are added to an existing task the User Task window becomes the Workflow Task window. Related tasks are displayed in a tree form on the left, with sub-tasksindented below their parent task.

Task window key fields and buttons
Task Details Fields




Brief task description.

Linked to

Select a maintenance module such as Creditor Maintenance from the drop-down menu to link the task to a maintenance record. Click to view the selected maintenance record.


Note: The title of the field changes depending on the maintenance area linked to the record.

Note: The maintenance modules displayed will depend on your security permissions. Contact your IT administrator.

Allocated To

Community member allocated to the task. Click to launch Community Maintenance.

Note: This defaults to the community member who created the task. Use the button to allocate a different community member.

Task Details (Advanced) area buttons



Launch the Customise Workflow Display window to display additional information next to task names in the tree view.

(Linked to Tasks)

Launch the linked maintenance area record. For example, Creditor Maintenance.

(Allocated To)

Launch Community Maintenance to view the person allocated to the task. See Maintaining community members in the Community manual.

Note: Click to select a different community member.

Launch the search criteria window of the selected maintenance module to link a record to the task.

Once a record is linked to the task, the button changes to to allow you to remove the link from the task record.

Launch the Find Name on Community window to reallocate the task to a different community member.


Tip: Select the School Staff Code to quickly allocate the task to another staff member.

Select either:

  • Add Task to insert a blank task underneath the selected task.
  • Add Task from Template to launch the Select a Template for New Task window to either:
  • add a task from a template
  • add a new task without using a template.

Select either:

  • Add Subtask to insert a blank sub-task under the selected task.

    If this is the first sub-task for the selected task the icon changes to indicate that it is now a parent task:

  • Add Subtask from Template to launch the Select a Template for New Task window to either:
  • add a sub-task from a template
  • add a sub-task without using a template.

    When a sub-task is added the User Task window becomes the Workflow Task window.

Move the selected task up or down the task tree.

Start the selected task.

On the Advanced tab:

  • the Start Date is set to the current date and time
  • the Task Status field is set to In Process.

Complete the selected task. The task description turns green to indicate that the task has been closed.

On the Advanced tab:

  • the Completed Date is set to the current date and time
  • the Task Status field is set to Closed.

Save the selected task as a template. See Using task templates.

Delete the selected task.

Save changes to the task and continue editing.

Cancel changes to the task and close the current window.