Loading a tag list

You can load a list of community members into your tag list from:

Also, see Storing a tag list.

To load an existing tag list into the current tag list:

  1. Select Window > Show Tag List from the main menu.
    The Tag List window is displayed.
  2. Click on the Tag List window.
    The Load Tag Lists window is displayed with:
    • your private tag lists
    • public tag lists created by you.
  3. Select Include all public lists, if required.
    This displays all available public lists as well.
  4. Select Clear tagged items first, if you are overwriting rather than appending to your current tag list.
  5. Highlight the required tag list in the grid.
  6. Click .
    The stored tag list is copied to your tag list.

Load Tag Lists window key fields and buttons




Include all public lists

Select the field to display any public tag lists that you have not created yourself. For example, two public lists have been created by the administrator:

  • Publications Committee
  • Senior Cricket Team.

    These can be used by all staff members, rather than each staff member having to create a new list each to serve the same purpose.
    Clear the Include all public lists field to display only tag lists that you have created.

    If you have created any public lists yourself these are displayed even if the Include all public lists field is cleared.

Clear tagged items first

Select this field to clear the current tag list before you load new community members.

Save any existing tagged records on the Tag List window, if required, so that they these are available at a later date.

Clear this field to append the new community members to the current tag list.

Grid area fields




Meaningful description of the tag list.

Expires After

Date that the tag list is due to expire.

This shows Never if public lists are set not to expire.

Public List

Tag lists that are available to all users at your organisation have this field selected.

The field is cleared if the tag list is private to you alone.


Number of community members included in the tag list.




Edit the following tag list details:

  • the description of the tag list
  • whether to make the list public to other users or not.

Delete the selected tag list.

Load a group of community members from a spreadsheet, provided their Synergetic IDs are contained in one of the columns. See Loading community members into a tag list from an Excel spreadsheet.

Load a group of community members from a comma-delimited text file, provided their Synergetic IDs are contained in the first column. See Loading community members into a tag list from a file.