Selecting groups of students to process activities for

You use the Bulk Add Future Student Activity - Selection Screen to select the group of students to process activities for.
Unlike most selection windows where you can only filter once to create a group, you can return to this window often and select more students to add to your existing group.

 Opening Bulk Add Future Student Activity - Selection Screen

To open the Future Student Activity Bulk Additions window:

  1. Select Module > Future Students > Future Student Activity Bulk Additions from the main menu.
    The Bulk Add Future Student Activity - Selection Screen window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the future student functions by clicking  .

Bulk Add Future Student Activity - Selection Screen key fields and buttons




Search based on

Search for either:

  • future students. This will only search for the default, or preferred application for the selected student(s) and enrolment date.
  • future student applications. This will search for all the applications made by the selected student(s).

Enrol Date >= /
Enrol Date <=

Date range for future student enrolments.


Campus where the future student will be enrolled.

From Year Level /
To Year Level

A range of year levels can be selected.

If you only want to select one year level then you must enter it in both the From Year Level and To Year Level fields.


Status of the future student's application.

The typical default options are: 

Note: Use the luFutureStatus lookup table to maintain entries. See the luFutureStatus lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Tip: You can create mail merge letters using the crspFutureStatusChangePrint stored procedure. See Printing mail merge letters using an existing document in the Extracting data manual.The luFutureStatus table is linked to the luFutureStatusMerge lookup table using its MergeCode. When a status is changed, its MergeCode is also changed as well. Any applications with this MergeCode are selected by the stored procedure.

AApplication made.
OPlace offered.
XCancelled by the applicant.

Tagged IDs

Select to search for students with tagged IDs.


Priority the application has been assigned.

Typical values include:

  • Existing Family
  • Sibling at School
  • Parent is Ex Student
  • Parent is Staff
  • Normal.

Note: Maintain the values in the luFuturePriority lookup table. See the luFuturePriority lookup table in the System maintenance manual.


Form the future student has been assigned to.


House the future student has been assigned to.

Tutor Group

Tutor group the future student has been assigned to.


Student's residential status. Typical values include:

  • Boarder
  • Day Student
  • Home Stay.

Note: You can use the luBoarder lookup table to maintain entries. See luBoarder lookup table in the System maintenance manual.


Gender of the future student.

Note: You can define the list of genders used at your organisation using the luGender lookup table. See luGender lookup table.


Activity the future student or parent are involved in. 

Activity Status

Student's status for this activity. Also see Activity Date below.

Activity Date >= Activity Date <=

Students with existing activities within the specified date range.
For example, you can follow up with future students who attended the last open day.

Course Code

Abbreviation for the course.

Linked Course Code

Common course that feeder courses link to. For example, a main course may have a feeder course that starts earlier or later than the actual main course. The default value is its own course code.

: You can update the Prior Course
field on the Enrolment tab of Course Details Maintenance. See the Course Details Maintenance - Enrolment tab (Current students).

Course Status

Status of the student's involvement in the course. For example, a status of Finalised is required before an agent can be paid commission for enrolling students in your course, if applicable.

Future Students Who are Selected Are

Either select future students who are:

  • To be processed.
  • Not to be processed.

The selected students are put in either the left pane or the right pane of the Future Student Activity Status window. See Manually selecting students to process activities for.




Loads student details from a file.

Note: The file must have the Synergetic ID number in the first column, with one student per row. Also, a separate file is needed for each different activity.

For example, you might have a list of all the students that attended an open day. You could then load this file into Synergetic so that you can add activities for all the students that attended.
The Load Future Students for Activities window is displayed.

Delete previous selection runs.
The Select Process Number window is displayed.