What's new to Extracting data

Version 67
This section outlines changes to the Extracting data manual arising from changes made to Synergetic (versions 66R2-67.01).

The look and feel of Synergetic depends on the PC it is running on. The screenshots in this manual use both the version 66 and pre-66 look and feel. You may notice a slight difference in appearance between this manual and Synergetic running at your organisation but the functionality is exactly the same.


More information


New Synergetic views.

The following Synergetic views have been added:

  • vAbility
  • vMedicalAllergy
  • vMedicalCondition
  • vMedicalConsent
  • vMedicalImmunisation
  • vMedicalIncidentsAll
  • vMedicalSymptom
  • vFutureStudentAbilitiy
  • vFutureStudentMedicalAllergy
  • vFutureStudentMedicalCondition
  • vFutureStudentMedicalConsent
  • vFutureStudentMedicalImmunisation
  • vFutureStudentMedicalIncidents
  • vFutureStudentMedicalMedications
  • vFutureStudentMedicalSymptom
  • vStaffAbility
  • vStaffMedicalAllergy
  • vStaffMedicalCondition
  • vStaffMedicalConsent
  • vStaffMedicalImmunisation
  • vStaffMedicalMedication
  • vStaffMedicalSymptom
  • vStudentAbility
  • vStudentMedicalAllergy
  • vStudentMedicalCondition
  • vStudentMedicalConsent
  • vStudentMedicalImmunisation
  • vStudentMedicalIncidents
  • vStudentMedicalMedication
  • vStudentMedicalSymptom.

Main Synergetic views

Medical views renamed.

The following medical views have been renamed:

  • vFutureStudentMedicalDetails is now vFutureStudentMedicalHealthcare
  • vFutureMedDetailsPrimContact is nowvFutureMedicalHealthcarePrimContact
  • vPastStudentMedicalDetails is now vPastStudentMedicalHealthcare
  • vStaffMedicalDetails is now vStaffMedicalHealthcare
  • vStudentMedicalDetails is now vStudentMedicalHealthcare
  • vStudentMedDetailsPrimContact is now vStudentMedicalHealthcarePrimContact
  • vStudentMedDetailsAllContacts is now vStudentMedicalHealthcareAllContacts.

Main Synergetic views