Debtor Cash Receipts Entry - G_L Allocations tab

Use the G/L Allocations tab to manually enter any payments that have not been charged to a debtor's account.
When you enter a charge for a debtor through the Debtor Charges Entry program, the charge is allocated to the general ledger when you enter the receipt. See Entering debtor charges.
However, there will be instances where you receive payment that you have not invoiced for. For example, you might receive an unsolicited donation to the building fund. When you receive any unsolicited payments, you have to manually enter the general ledger allocations for those payments.

 Opening the G/L Allocations tab

To open the G/L Allocations tab of the Cash Receipts Entry window:

  1. First, enter payment details. See Debtor Cash Receipts Entry - Payment Detail tab.
  2. Click the G/L Allocations tab.
    The G/L Allocations tab of the Cash Receipts Entry window is displayed.

Cash Receipts Entry - G/L Allocation tab key fields and buttons





Enter the debtor identifier or click to find the community member.
The identifier of the person or company is required for taxable allocations.

G/L Code

Enter the general ledger account code to allocate the receipt to.
For quick entry, enter the first few numbers in the code and the drop-down list automatically scrolls to that area. You can also right click on the field and select Find G/L Code.

G/L Sub Allocation Code

Enter the general ledger sub allocation code to further allocate the receipt to, if required.
See Maintaining general ledger sub allocations in the General ledger manual.

Tax Code

Tax code used for the allocation.
Tip: If you select an Enrolment Deposit that has a tax code specified, this field is automatically populated.

Enrolment Deposit

Specify where to allocate enrolment deposit payments.
This is an optional quick method of entering general ledger code and setting up for Enrolment Deposits Maintenance to add new enrolment deposit record. See Maintaining enrolment deposits.
Note: This field will not be displayed unless the Enrolment Deposits Integrated with Sub-Systems checkbox is selected. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Enrolment Deposits tab in the Finance manual.

Asset Type

Record the type of asset that was sold, if applicable.
Note: If you select a value in this field, Synergetic later prompts you to select an asset for sale.

Donation Fund

Specify the donation fund to allocate the payment of an unsolicited donation to the building fund.
This is an optional quick method of entering general ledger code and setting up for Development Maintenance to add new donation record. See Maintaining donors and prospects in the Development manual.


Enter a description with the reason for the allocation, if required.




Copy the details of the drawer from the Payment Detail tab.

Launch into General Ledger Maintenance. See Maintaining general ledger accounts in the General ledger manual.