Adding student records using the ENROL web program

Add student records to the NZMOE's ENROL web program when the student:

  • ENROL record does not already exist at your organisation or another
  • is participating in NCEA and/or moving into tertiary education.

The following procedure provides a brief overview of creating a new student in the ENROL application. Consult the ENROL Schools User Guide for details. The NSN is created for the student along with identity data.

To create a new student in the ENROL application and update the NSN in Synergetic:

  1. Start your web browser. For example, Internet Explorer.

    Tip: You can launch your web browser when prompted by Synergetic. For example, if you cancel when retrieving NSNs. See Retrieving National Student Numbers

  2. Connect to the ENROL web program.
    The following window is displayed.

    Save the URL to the favourites of your web browser for next time.

  3. Type your User ID and Password for ENROL.
  4. Click .
    You are logged into the ENROL web program and can manage student data for your organisation.
  5. Click the Find a Student tab.
    The following tab is displayed.
  6. Check that the student does not already exist at your organisation or another.
  7. Click the Create a Student Record tab.
    The following tab is displayed.

  8. Edit the student's details including any identity data, such as the student's date of birth.

    You can create several students at once using the  tab.

  9. Click .
  10. Complete the enrolment details of the student.
  11. Click .
  12. Complete any other required information.
  13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 for each section.
  14. Click .
  15. Retrieve the NSN using Synergetic. See Retrieving National Student Numbers.