What's new to Current students

Version 71.13

This section outlines changes to the Current students manual arising from changes made to Synergetic (versions 71.03-71.04).


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Implement those changes from the NZQA Data Exchange Specification:

01 - Secondary Schools Data Exchange - 2024 Specifications V4.1

as are relevant to Synergertic.
  1. For the AssessmentRequestType field, the “NS = Not Selected” option has been removed

  2. NZQA expanded the Assessment Request Indicator field to list all available Assessment Request Types available for each assessment opportunity for a given standard, to support this:
    • the Assessment Request Indicator field in the submission file has expanded in length from 2 to 100;  and also
    • NO = Not Allowed has been removed as a valid value.

  3. When selecting the Assessment Request Type in the NCEA tab or the Bulk Set NCEA Standards tab, then the Assessment Request Types available are restricted to those available for the chosen Assessment Opportunities for the Standard.
    • an associated validation has been added to the NZQA file Export process.

  4. New Literacy {C,T,N} and Numeracy {C,T,M,N,X} values imported into Database on Load.

  5. As many as is practicable of the validations applied by NZQA to the Standards file at upload, have been replicated within the Students > Student Data Import/Export > NZQA Export process.

Note: Due to the nature of the system changes no changes were required to be made to the User documentation.

Import_Export Student Data - NZQA tab

Current Student Maintenance - NCEA tab

Setting NCEA