Adding new relations (Community)

Note: When you create a relationship, Synergetic also creates the reverse relationship. For example, if you create a father-son relationship, a son-father relationship is also created at the same time. Reverse relationships are automatically deleted when the relationship is deleted.

To add new relations from the Relations tab:

  1. Open the Relations tab. See Community Maintenance - Relations tab.
  2. Click .
    The Create New Relationship - Name window is displayed.
  3. Enter details of the person or company to find.
  4. Click .

    You can select Non Community Relation to enter a relation who is not in the database. However, you are limited in what you can do with the relation. 
  5. Select the person to record a relationship from the Possible Name Match Found window. See Possible Name Match Found window.
    The Create New Relationship - Select Relationship window is displayed.

    Note: You can define the spousal relationship between male, female, and other gendered community members using the RevRelationshipMale, RevRelationshipFemale, and RevRelationshipOther fields of the luRelationship lookup table. See luRelationship lookup table.

  6. Select the relationship.
  7. Click .
    The relationship is added to the grid area.

    The reverse relationship is also created in Synergetic.

    Tip: Depending on your organisation's preferences and the type of relationship, the Use Email or Use SMS flags may be automatically set to Default. For example, relationships of Mother may be configured to be Default. Check the grid area Relations tab to override any inappropriate email or SMS settings for both members of the relationship.