Printing student reports

You can print reports for:

  • an individual student
  • a selection of students, such as a year level or campus
  • all students that you teach.

You can also print student reports that have been archived.

To print student reports:

  1. Select Module > Assessments > Print Student Reports.
    The Set Student Reports Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the assessment functions by clicking .
  2. Search for the group of students you want to print reports for. See Searching for students to print reports for.
    The Sort Order window is displayed.

    Note: You can choose to allow Synergetic to clear the report filter before applying its own search criteria. See ClearReportSelectionCriteriaBeforePrint configuration setting in the System maintenance manual.
  3. Choose the order you want the information displayed on the report from the Sort Order window. Use the arrow buttons to move the highlighted field up or down the sort order.
  4. Click .
    The Student Reports Grid is displayed.
  5. Double click the student you want to print the report for.
    Note: Click to print reports for all students displayed in the grid.
    The Print Student Reports window for the selected student is displayed.
  6. Select which results to list.
  7. Select Print.
  8. Click:
    •  to print the student's report for the selected class
    •  to print the student's report for all of the classes.
    The selected student reports are printed to your default Synergetic printer. 
    Note: Student reports will only be printed for the SC1 contact. Other contacts will not receive reports even if they have the Reports flag in the Contacts tab of Current Student Maintenance ticked. See Current Student Maintenance - Contacts tab for more information about maintaining student contacts.