How to run an MS Query


This is a check list for the steps to create an MSQuery connecting to a Synergetic Database. This covers :

1 - Creating an MSQuery User

2 - Creating an MS Query group/Role

3 - Executing an MSQuery and returning results to MSExcel


In SSMS create a SQL user (Note this user does not need to exist as a Synergetic User for MSQuery purposes)

Select Security → Logins → Right Click [New Login..]



In SSMS - map the user to the Synergetic database (no role memberships)


NOTE : Newer versions of MS Excel may need to add the legacy MS Query option

(Expand to see instructions)

Select Microsoft Workbook > Go to Files> Options> Data> Tick Show legacy data import wizards


 Once saved open a Blank MS Excel Spreadsheet

Select Data tab

Select Get Data > Legacy Wizards > From Microsoft Query (Legacy)





To Return to MS Query

Right Click a cell and Select Table → Edit Query

This will return you back to the MS Query Wizard