08.01 Update Events

From the ATO BIG:

  • The update event allows the employer to report changes to employee YTD amounts previously reported. The update event may only be used in circumstances other than when the employee is paid.

The Update Event is also used to submit non-financial changes in the payee record outside of standard Payment Events.

The Update Event is produced via STP Maintenance:

From STP Maintenance click on Generate New Update Event button:

This opens the Process STP Update Event window in which the payees to include in the Update are selected.  The default display when the screen opens is the display of employees with changes.

Users can select the Payroll Year, and whether to display

  • Employees With Changes, or
  • All Employees

After changing this selection click on Refresh Grid.

There is also the option to View the Changes  associated with the selected employee row

To select a sub-set of employees in the grid, first de-select all the employees by right-clicking in the grid area and Select None

Then tick only the employees to include in the Update Event.

Once the Employees to be included in the Update Event are selected click Process STP.