07.01 Submission Rejection

Submissions may encounter issues once they have been transmitted.

Fixing these errors may involve re-submitting the original file, or cancelling the file, fixing a data issue and then submitting the replacement file.


Potentially, an error in submission transmission may be encountered.  If this occurs fix the cause of the error and re-submit (Retry button).  Some investigation may be required as to the cause of the error and the required fix.

The rejection and supporting information will be displayed in STP Process > View Acknowledgement

In the case above the file has not been able to be handled by the ATO at all, due to a technical issue in the transmission.  Once the issue is corrected the same file can be resubmitted via the Retry button. 

Cancel, Fix and Re-Generate - Data Issues 

Another scenario is rejection of the file due to issues within the actual data.  The ATO has defined criteria that data submitted in Pay and Update Events must satisfy.  Synergetic has built these validations into the submissions process, and almost all validation fails should be picked up and corrected prior to submission. In some cases errors may get through to the ATO and cause a rejection by the ATO.

In the case where invalid data does make it through to the ATO, a rejection reply message will be received.  The message(s) from the ATO will be displayed in the Response field in View Acknowledgement.  The number of Accepted Payees and Rejected Payees will also be displayed.

To fix this click the Cancel STP File button, fix the data issue against the payer or payee record and then return to Process STP and generate and submit the file again.

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