04.02 Payroll Employee Maintenance > Tax tab

Payroll > Payroll Employee Maintenance > Tax tab

New screen to capture employee tax detail.

If OTE has been enabled in Payroll Configuration > General > ☑ Calculate and Submit OTE an additional field will be displayed.

Payroll Employee Maintenance - Tax tab Fields

Taxation Area Details

Tax File Number

Tax file number used by the taxation office. Supplied by the employee on the tax form filled in at the commencement of employment. (Validated)

ABNABN for employees who are contractors (Validated)

Tax Scale

Tax scale that applies for the employee based on information supplied by the employee upon the commencement of their employment. 
Note: Whenever tax rates change, your administrator will receive a text file from Synergetic Management Systems that they can import. See Loading new tax rates.


Indicates whether an individual has a study or training loan to determine whether additional withholding should be made from a payment to cover the compulsory repayments for these loans.  

If an individual has either a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loan, Student Start-up Loan (SSL), ABSTUDY Student Start-up Loan (ABSTUDY SSL) or Trade Support Loan (TSL) the indicator must be set to True. Otherwise the field must be set to False.

Income Type

Select the Income Type of the employee (eg 'Salary or wages')

Super Tax Percent

Percentage of tax to pay on superannuation, if overriding the default. If blank this field will calculate based on the level of income. 
Note: This is only relevant if an employer paid superannuation contribution tax scheme is active for your country. Not used in Australia.

Super Liability/OTE Submit

Choose an option for which superannuation liability fields will be sent in STP for this employee.

  1. Only submit Super Liability
  2. Only submit OTE
  3. Submit Both

Payroll Employee Maintenance - Tax tab Fields

Reporting Amounts Area Details

Dependant RebateFull amount of the dependent spouse rebate claimed for the year.

Reportable Fringe Benefits

Amount of fringe benefits tax required to be reported to the tax office. 
If you provide any employee benefits that are taxable, where the total taxable value of those fringe benefits exceeds the FBT (fringe benefits tax) limit in a FBT year, you are required to report an amount on the employee's payment summary. Contact the ATO for the current FBT limit.

FEI Tax Paid

Annual Foreign Employment Income Foreign Tax Paid for inclusion in STP report

JDPA Tax Paid

Annual  Foreign Employment Income Joint Petroleum Development Area Foreign Tax Paid (FEI JPDA Foreign Tax Paid) for inclusion in STP report

Payroll Employee Maintenance - Tax tab Fields

Other Area Details

This area contains fields that are set by users and processes to track where the status of any PAYG for a user and also if an employee has been finalised for the year for STP.

PAYG Summary Printed

Ticked if PAYG has been supplied to the employee.

Date:Date PAYG printed. Field populated by Payroll > Print PAYG Summaries... process

ATO sent copy of PAYG Summary

Ticked if employee PAYG has been sent to the ATO.

Date:Date PAYG sent to the ATO. Field populated by Payroll > Print PAYG Summaries... process

PAYG Amended

Ticked if employee has had a PAYG submitted and subsequently amended.

Final STP Event for Financial Year

Mark an employee as finalised for the financial year.

Last SubmissionShows the 'status of the Final STP Event for Financial Year' field as at the Date and Time of the last STP Event for the employee. Also displays the Submission number of that last submission.