10.02.08 Allowance Item (Employee Level Information)

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Allowance Item


 Allowance Item parent node

Payroll > Finalise STP > Process STP

Allowance TypeYes

This indicates the allowance type to be assigned to an individual's taxable allowance amount that is subject to income tax and are not required to be included in the Gross payments for the payee..


Car = Car expense allowance.
Transport = Award transport payments up to reasonable amounts.
Laundry = Laundry allowances.
Meals = Award overtime meal allowance.
Travel = Domestic or overseas travel allowance above the reasonable limit and all overseas accommodation allowances.
Other = All other allowances for expected deductible expenses.

In Payroll > Pay Code Maintenance, a Pay Code of Type Allowance - Taxable is mapped to a Reporting Category of a specific Allowance. Uses the Pay Code Short Description.

Payroll > Payroll Employee Maintenance > Pay Details

Payroll > Finalise STP > Process STP

Note: Allowance Item node is repeated for each Allowance Type in the pay

Other Allowance TypeNoThis is the description or justification of the type of allowance paid to an individual that is not classified elsewhere.

Where Allowance Type is Other, this is populated with the pay code's short description.

Payroll > Finalise STP > Process STP

Payroll > Current Pay Maintenance

Payee Allowance AmountYesAmounts paid by employers to cover anticipated costs or as compensation for conditions of employment.

As per Payee Gross Payments but for Reporting Category with allowance flag ticked, totalled and reported against eacg Allowance Type.

Payroll > Finalise STP > Process STP

Notes re Mandatory:

  • Only mandatory if section supplied
  • If a parent node is marked as not mandatory, this means the node is not mandatory, but if the node is supplied, then it's children marked as mandatory are then mandatory.