10.02.10 Superannuation (Employee Level Information)

Overview (Employee Level Information)

Each employee will have a Super Entitlement Year to Date section in an STP submission. This section may have one or more of the three below fields.


STP Event Field



Notes (Commonly the ATO business definition is used)Synergetic Source
Super Liability AmountNoContribution made by an employer for the benefit of an employee as mandated by super guarantee legislation

This is calculated from pay codes where the Reporting Category is Superannuation Guarantee:

OTE AmountNoThis is the value, during the relevant period, for what an individual has earned during their ordinary hours of work.

An Ordinary Time Earning (OTE) amount may always be submitted for an employee but must be submitted in circumstances where you cannot calculate a Super Liability Amount for the employee (E.g. for a defined benefit where an equivalent liability is not reported on the employee's payslip).

To report OTE, the system must be configured to calculate and submit OTE. This is done Payroll Configuration Maintenance:

Paycodes that contribute to OTE must be then marked as Contributes to OTE.

When you first turn on 'Calculate and Submit OTE' you will be given the choice to initialise this for paycodes which are already marked as 'Include in Superannuation Calculation'.

Employees which require OTE to be submitted can then be flagged as 'Only submit OTE' or 'Submit Both' in the employee's tax tab:

The Payroll Event will now show the OTE amount:

Reportable Employer Super ContributionNoThis is the value, during the relevant period, for employer superannuation contributions that are additional to the compulsory contributions where the employee influenced the rate or amount of contribution.

This is calculated from pay codes where either:

  • the Reporting Category is set to Reportable Employer Super Contribution (non salary Sacrifice)
  • the Pay Code Type is Superannuation Salary Sacrifice

Non salary sacrifice super

Salary sacrifice super

Note: in reporting category you will choose what the sacrifice will be made from (i.e. that it is reducing Individual-Gross). It will automatically be included in this node. When Superannuation - Salary Sacrifice is selected as the Pay Code Type an information icon will appear next to Reporting Category and this can be hovered over for an explanation.

Notes re Mandatory:

  • Only mandatory if section supplied
  • If a parent node is marked as not mandatory, this means the node is not mandatory, but if the node is supplied, then it's children marked as mandatory are then mandatory.