14.01.02 Payroll Configuration Maintenance > Payer tab

Payroll Configuration Maintenance > Payer tab

The ATO uniquely identifiers the provider of an STP Event via Payer (ABN), Branch Number and a specific payroll system BMS ID, ie the combination of ABN & Branch Number & BMS ID.

Enter BMS ID by clicking on Generate/Set:

  • If you are reporting to the ATO through STP for the first time you should have the Synergetic system generate a new BMS ID. 
  • If you have been using other Payroll systems which were STP compliant you need to type in exact same number here. 

If you change any of these during a reporting year, you are strongly advised to contact the ATO for advice on how to proceed with this change.

Note:     The system obtains Organisation name, Address and ABN from System> Finance configuration Maintenance> Company tab