14.01.01 Payroll Configuration Maintenance > General tab

Payroll Configuration Maintenance > General tab

Minor STP additions have been made to allow switching on STP and OTE

  • Single touch payroll enabled: Enable Synergetic payroll to submit Gross, Tax and super to ATO by Single touch payroll you need to tick Single touch payroll enabled.
  • Test mode: Files will not be submitted to ATO but you will be able to generate and view the STP file before your first live submission and fix errors and warnings.
    • If in Test Mode, a warning will appear on Process STP screens
  • Calculate and Submit OTE: If 'Calculate and Submit OTE' option is ticked in either Payroll Configuration Maintenance or Finance Configuration Maintenance, an option is provided for the user to include OTE Flag for all pay codes that are included in the superannuation calculation: