2021-02 - SES 2021 - AUS

Education Horizons Group have recently completed updates for a set of changes relating to the 2021 Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection (Address Collection), for changes required by DESE Schools Hub.  This submission is colloquially known as the SES submission.

These changes have been compiled into a hotfix package, to allow you to obtain the changes necessary for your 2021 SES data submission.

Overview of changes included in this hotfix package


All sites

  • The DESE have released an updated data template to use for the 2021 submission, incorporating the changes as noted above.  You can obtain the updated template from Downloads section in the page linked below:

Obtaining and applying the hotfix

We have created a hotfix patch for both v69 and v70 releases of Synergetic, to provide you with the relevant updates to support your SES data export.

1) Download the appropriate zip file from one of the links below to your system:

2) Open the zip file and extract the two files.

  • Place the database patcher file onto your SQL server (or to a location that is able to communicate with the SQL Server)
  • Place the StuXie.exe file into your Synergetic application folder (the Synmain location when looking at Help → About within Synergetic)

3) Run the database patcher exe program - this will run a database patcher wizard which will take you through the steps to apply the database logic changes for this report.

4) Once the patcher has completed successfully, your system should be updated and ready to export SES data for 2021 submission. 

5) When you use the Student Data Import/Export program within the Synergetic menu, the system should detect the presence of the updated StuXie.exe file and prompt to use this.  Say Yes to the prompt and continue with the export process.

Requesting Assistance

As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, our Support team is available to assist:

Please make sure to mention that your query is in relation to ‘SES Export hotfix’ to help our support team action your request as efficiently as possible.