luRelationship lookup table (Gender)

Synergetic uses the luRelationship lookup table to define relationships between community members.

This lookup table has been updated to support relationships involving other-gendered community members with the addition of:

  • RevRelationshipOther field to store the code for the other person in a relationship where the person has gender with a SynergyMeaning of Other
  • Gender-neutral SynergyMeanings
  • Gender-neutral relationship records.

For full details of the records available in the luRelationship lookup table, see the following attachment:

New gender-neutral SynergyMeanings

The following gender-neutral SynergyMeanings have been added to the SynergyMeaning field of the luRelationship lookup table:

  • Child
  • Parent
  • Sibling.

For a listing of all the windows that use configurable gender data from the luRelationship lookup table, see Configurable gender relationships.