Considerations when displaying Primary Time videos

To get the most from your video experience:

  • ensure you have suitable equipment
  • maximise your web browser; YouTube will size the video to its maximum useful size
  • increase the video quality to HD (High Definition), if possible
  • ensure you can hear the audio.

Suitable equipment
When displaying videos on YouTube ensure you have:

  • a suitable web browser:
    - Chrome
    - Firefox
    - Internet Explorer
    - Safari
    - Opera.
  • a set of headphones, if you are in a shared office
  • an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection to your organisation's Internet connection.

Video quality
If the resolution of the video is fuzzy, the quality of video playback may be set too low.

To increase the video quality in YouTube:

  1. If you are in full screen mode, press the Esc key to exit from this mode.
  2. Click  located in the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Click the highest Quality available for your connection; preferably one with a HD.

    The selected Quality setting is used to display the video.

No audio or too quiet
If you have no audio:

  1. First check that your headphones are set up correctly.
  2. Adjust the audio slider located on the left-hand side. The audio may be set:
    • to Mute
    • too low.

Full screen mode not beneficial
Most of the Primary Time videos are recorded at 1448 x 816. For this reason, you will not gain any benefit by watching videos in full screen mode.
However, if you do want to watch a video in full screen mode:

  1. Click  located in the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Press the Esc key to exit full screen mode, when done.

More help

If you need further information on how to use YouTube:

  1. Click  located in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select Help from the drop-down list.