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  1. Select Module > System > Lookup Tables Maintenance.
  2. Select luFileType.
  3. For each file type, set the CommPortalMeaning flag to:
    • Classes to just show the classes the student is attending down the left-hand side of the screen
    • Classes+Results to show student results with the classes on the right-hand side of the screen
     blank to prevent the display of classes and results.

    Note: If you select Classes+Results for a particular file type, you then need to decide whether to show all classes in this file type, or just the classes that have results.
  4. Select Module > System > Configuration File Maintenance.
    The Configuration File Maintenance window is displayed.
  5. Find CommunityPortal.
    The Community Portal configuration settings are displayed.
  6. Scroll down to Students:Classes:ShowWithResultsOnly.
  7. Set the value to either:
    • False to display all classes
    • True to only display classes that have results.