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To help make the Synergetic suite the best fit for your use, as of build v67.18 (and in v68) we're now tracking basic usage statistics in the Synergetic Community Portal.


For clients on version v67.18 to v67.22 you can opt-out from this tracking on request to

From v67.23, and in v68, users will be able to configure this internally within the Synergetic application via Configuration File Maintenance.

In addition, in v68 clients can add their own tracking IDs in this configuration so that Synergetic products can be tracked within their own Google Analytics environments as required.

Please give us a call to discuss if you have any questions or concerns.

CoreAPI Integration

Google Analytics tracker uses Synergetic CoreAPI middleware in order to get tracking information.

CoreAPI must be properly setup on https:// and have proper URL binding (localhost is not supported).

Tracked Products

At the time of writing this guide, the following products are tracked by Google Analytics:

  • SynWeb
  • Synergetic Community Portal
  • Application Portal
  • Form Builder
  • Published Forms (Live Forms)
<a name="troubleshooting"></a>

Troubleshooting Google Analytics

If for some reason (Inaccessible CoreAPI, wrongly setup CoreAPI URL on https, etc.) Google Analytics failed to get the correct tracking information, it will silently ignore the tracker information and doesn't send any data to the Google Analytics Server. In order to test if the analytics works on your environment:

  1. Open the application (SynWeb/Portal/Application Portal/ Form Builder/Published forms) in your browser

  2. Go to console (by pressing F12 in your browser)
    1. Form Multi-tenanted environments paste: JSON.parse(sessionStorage.getItem('[Your Tenant Code]GAData'));
      note: Replace [Your Tenant Code] with your tenant code.
    2. For Non-Tenanted environments paste and run: JSON.parse(sessionStorage.getItem('432GAData'));    OR   JSON.parse(sessionStorage.getItem('GAData'));

  3. observe the object coming back as if it has all the tracking information like tracking code.

    1. If you see Null, there is a problem with your CoreAPI (Follow these steps):
      1. Make sure you have a correct CoreAPI site setup over SSL(https) (Not localhost)
      2. Make sure you setup your product to use your CoreAPI URL (SynMain/Configs)
        1. Note: CoreAPI URL shouldn't finish by "/". Remove any trailing slash character when setting the CoreAPI URL
      3. Make sure you run the latest DB patcher and you've given EXECUTE permission to spsSynAnalyticsApplication for zSynergeticCoreAPI user. :- grant EXECUTE on spsSynAnalyticsApplication to zSynergeticCoreAPI

    2. If you see the correct object coming back but still don't receive data in your Analytics dashboard, check all the values and make sure you have the correct trackerID and it is enabled.

Users own Google Analytics Account

Users will be able to setup their own Google Analytics tracker ID to be triggered as well as Synergistic Synergetic by adding required details via Configuration File Maintenance.

Note: No custom dimensions or variables are supported for user owned tracker ID and only general tracking information will be sent to Google Analytics (Demographic, Behavioral, System, Contents , etc.).

Privacy Aspects / Policy

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies (a message given to a web browser by a web server) and JavaScript code (programming language) to enable analysis on usage and performance of your Community Portal (Website). The data collected about the use of your Website (including users' IP addresses) will be transmitted to and stored on Google's servers. Google will use this data for the purpose of compiling reports on website activity for us and providing other services relating to Website activity and internet usage.

Google will not collect personal information about you or your Website users and the reports provided by Google to us will only contain aggregate, non personal data about your use of your Website. We will use the data collected by Google Analytics to improve the functionality and performance of the Community Portal product.

Basically this allows us to see aggregate information around how end users are engaging with your Website, what pages are or are not being used, how fast pages are loading or if there are any errors.

Synergetic clients should consider amendments to their own privacy policy, similar to that found under Website Analytics at