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  1. Open the Finalise Payroll window. See Finalising payroll.
    The Finalise Payroll window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Process STP window is displayed.

    Note: For information about the fields and buttons of the Process STP window, see Process STP window.

    Note: You can also process Single Touch Payroll events using the STP Maintenance window. See STP Maintenance window.

  3. Click .
    The Payer Declaration is displayed.
  4. Select the authorisation field at the bottom of the declaration.
  5. Update the declaration submission details, if necessary.
  6. Click .
    The Send Payroll Event window is displayed.
  7. Type Confirm into the field provided.
  8. Click .
    The STP file is submitted to the ATO.

    The Response area is updated when the ATO receives the STP event file.

    Note: When the file transmission times out you need to contact the ATO then click  to to manually override the submission status.

  9. Either:

    • Submission is Rejected due to a transmission error:

       - Click  to re-attempt submission.

    • Submission is Rejected due to a data error:

       - Review the Response field to determine why the submission was rejected.
       - Review error details by clicking Image Added to view the Payee Errors window

        Note: From the Payee Errors window, you can select a payee and click Image Added to view detailed descriptions of each error in the View Errors window shown below.
        Image Added
       - Click . See Cancelling STP event processing.
       - Resolve the data issues.
       - Re-generate the STP event file. See Generating STP event files.

    Note: You will receive the Pay has been marked as Rejected by the ATO Action Centre message.

    • Submission is Accepted.

    You will receive the Pay has been marked as Processed by the ATO Action Centre message.

    Approving and submitting STP event files is complete.