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You can design user search forms for maintenance windows to allow users to search by additional criteria. Each module can have a user search form. See Using custom search forms in the Introduction manual.

Designing a user search form

To design a user search form:

  1. Select Module > System > User/Report Form Editor.
    The Report Selector window is displayed.

  2. Select User Search from the Resource Type drop-down list to check that there is not already a user search for the module you want to add to.

    Note: You can only create one custom search criteria screen for each module. If a user search already exists for the module you want to add to, consider adding additional criteria to the existing form.

  3. Click .

  4. Select the Module you want to create a user search for.for 

    **(if wanting to show in Community Search form choose SYS)

  5. Select User Search as the Resource Type.

    Note: The value in the report name field is calculated for you. You cannot change this name.
  6. Enter a description of the user search form in Desc.

  7. Click .

  8. Click .
    The  - The Edit User Search Query window is displayed.

  9. Type in the base SQL statement. This includes:
    • The SELECT statement
    • The FROM statement, including all table and view joins.
    Note: Your SQL query must only return an ID field. Synergetic automatically completes the SQL query with the relevant WHERE clause to specify the search criteria when the user search form is used.
    See Advanced Microsoft Query and SQL examples in the Extracting data manual.
  10. Click .

  11. Create fields in the User Form Designer. See User Form Designer.

  12. Click to check the generated SQL.

  13. Click  in the Report Selector window.
    The user search form is now available via the button on the module's Search Criteria window. 

Assigning permissions for user search forms

To allow staff members to access the user search form you have created:

  1. Select System > Group / User Security Maintenance.
    The Group/User Security Maintenance window is displayed. See Group Security Maintenance - Groups View.

  2. Search for the group to give permissions to.

  3. Select User Search Screen from the Resource drop-down list.

  4. Select the resources that the users are permitted to use.
    The selected users can access the selected user search forms via the  button the module's Search Criteria window.