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System messages are messages that are broadcast to all users on a particular date and time. This allows you to send a message to Synergetic users if:


System Message Maintenance window key fields




Explains the reason for the shutdown.

Shutdown Start

Optional start time of the shutdown.
Users already logged in
Users logged in receive shutdown messages 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minute before the Shutdown Start time.
If they have not logged out by this time a short countdown timer is displayed and Synergetic closes when the countdown is finished.
Users logging in
Users logging in within 30 minutes before the Shutdown Start time receive a message informing them how many minutes they have left before the shutdown.
Depending on the time to shutdown, they also receive warnings until they log off or are logged off by Synergetic (as described above).

Shutdown End

Optional end time of the shutdown.
Users trying to log in
Users cannot log into Synergetic during the period between the Shutdown Start and Shutdown End times. Instead they see the text from the Message field along with short countdown timer. Once the countdown reaches zero, the window closes.