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Use the Sales tab to view sales of stock items by business unit.

titleOpening the Sales tab

To open the Sales tab:

  1. Select Module > Sales > Item Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Item Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the Sales functions by clicking Image Removed Image Added.
  2. Select the item. See Searching for items (on page ).
    The Item tab of the Item Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Sales tab.
    The Sales tab of the Item Maintenance window is displayed.
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  4. Select the business unit you are viewing sales for.
    Note: You only need to select the business unit if stock is maintained in separate business units at your organisation.

Item Maintenance - Sales tab key fields and buttons




Business Unit

Select the business unit to view sales for the selected item.
To configure business units, see the Synergetic Financial Configuration - Business Units tab in the Finance manual.

Charged Sales

Select to display sales that have been closed off.

Un-charged Sales

Select to display sales that have not been closed off.

Grid area fields



Pay Mthd

Method of payment for the sale of the stock item. This is usually cash, credit, cheque, general ledger or debtor invoice.

Chg ID

Synergetic identifier of the debtor charged for the sale of the selected item.


Name of the debtor charged for the sale of the selected item.

Cust ID

Customer identifier and name of the community member you sold the selected stock item to.
The customer details are always displayed; however the debtor details are only displayed if the debtor was charged for the sale.


Name of the community member you sold the selected stock item to.


Date of the sale.

Business Unit

Business unit the item was sold from.


Number of items sold.

Unit Price

Price per unit for the item.

Tax Code

Code for the tax treatment for this item.

Tax Amt

Amount of tax calculated based on the unit price, quantity and tax code.


Discount amount based on the percentage or dollar amount applied to the stock item.

Ext Price

Price for the number of this stock item being bought in this transaction, after discount.

Ext Cost

Wholesale cost of the sale.

Oride Description

Description of item sale.


Identifies whether the sale has been processed via the sales close off.

Sale Seq

Unique identifier used by Synergetic for the sale.


Line number within the sale. For example, line 2 is the second lot of goods in the sale.


Operator who conducted the sale.




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Launch into Debtor Maintenance for the highlighted sale, if the sale was charged to a debtor.
See Maintaining debtors in the Debtors manual.